Gotta Get Engineering

“Gotta Get Engineering” facilitates the integration of STEM/STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art&Design, and Mathematics) with school subjects during the realization of one project.

The program is designed for Elementary Schools. The first module, which schools will pilot, teaches the science of wind turbines. The children construct a model using 3D printers, and then measure and experiment with different iterations to gain a deep knowledge of wind and energy.

Our team recognizes that teacher engagement is a critical component of any successful program launched in schools. Teachers will be invited from the very beginning stages to participate as partners and collaborators in refining the modules.

Currently, the “Gotta Get Engineering” program is piloting in five Warsaw primary schools. The pilot program introduces the curriculum module "Energy and Wind" which is consistent with the Polish Core Curriculum for fifth grade. The program is designed to work across a number of disciplines and 18 teachers will be working with us to refine and perfect the module “Energy and Wind”.

The “Gotta Get Engineering” program enables teachers to collaborate across science, IT, math, technology, and art lessons to provide students with an in-depth understanding of different forms of energy, ways of obtaining energy and how different energy can be used.

Through the program students become discoverers and constructors. Students learn about the practical application of scientific concepts while simultaneously learning creative problem solving, cooperation and teamwork. Hands-on learning is shown to be a more engaging and motivating way for students to build a lasting interest in science and engineering.

The program is designed to be easy to implement and workable in a real classroom. The Foundation provides free, comprehensive teacher training, continuous support as well as all the educational materials necessary to implement the engineering module.

Teacher Training Workshops

  • Module workshop for the teachers from all the schools taking part in the implementation of the module
  • 3 D printing and 3D modeling workshop
  • Support workshop for each school program teachers team


  • Trained foundation staff of teachers and curriculum designers
  • Technical support for printers

Free educational materials for the module:

  • 3D printers
  • lessons scenarios
  • students materials
  • kids engineering sets
  • 3D filament