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The Mission

The Mission of the Katalyst Engineering is to capture the imagination of elementary school children and build interest in engineering by providing a fully- supported, collaborative and innovative hands-on engineering curriculum designed just for them.

The Program

The Katalyst Engineering “Gotta Get Engineering” is a free, innovative educational program that combines engineering, 3D printing technology with the knowledge of science, mathematics, computer science, technology and art.

The "Gotta Get Engineering" team believes that teacher engagement is a key component of any truly effective educational program. Our slogan ‘by teachers, with teachers, for teachers’, stems from our commitment to teachers participating in the program as co-creators and evaluators.


The Brian D. Patterson USA-International Foundation is committed to creating a group of foundations in Poland that will help level the playing field for children facing adversity. Our approach to creating and running not-for-profit foundations is unique. We recognize that the children we serve have complex lives with many different challenges and we endeavor to address this complexity by ensuring that each foundation created has a narrow mission focused on a specific challenge. This targeted philanthropy makes us effective and also enables us to measure our impact more accurately. Currently, we operate three foundations in Poland: White Star Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland and Family for Family.

The mission of the White Star Foundation (WSF)  is to be a leader of social entrepreneurism, primarily in Poland, with a heavy emphasis on leveling the playing field for children facing adversity.

The mission of Katalyst Education is, based on the principles of Open Educational Resources, to facilitate a level playing field for all students in Poland by developing digital education tools and providing services to enable their optimal use.

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland is to help children facing adversity reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better.

The mission of Family for Family is to improve the prospects of less-affluent children by reducing the gap in material resources between them and their peers.

Katalyst Engineering is fully funded and requires no funding from its stakeholders or the community.

Are you a school principal, teacher, parent or student who is interested in enrolling your school in our program? Interested in a becoming a volunteer or an intern? Join us!

Gotta Get Engineering

“Gotta Get Engineering” is a free program that introduces a fully-supported, engineering curriculum for elementary schools which uses 3D printers and kids engineering sets to integrate engineering design and 3D printing technology with core academic knowledge in science, math, IT and technology.

Children are born engineers. From the earliest age they are fascinated by creating, constructing, and deconstructing things to see how they work. “Gotta Get Engineering” invites children to explore and have fun with science while learning how to design, carry out experiments and use the newest technology in an interactive classroom.

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What's up?


Time for Radom!

In September, the first five schools from Radom joined our program. Their adventure with the "Gotta Get Engineering" program started with the 4th graders’ module, "The Secrets of Green Roofs." Read More...


Warsaw students discover the secrets of green roofs

Approximately 270 teachers and 2,800 students from the Warsaw metropolitan area are involved in the engineering of the Secrets of Green Roofs module. Read More...


Playing with engineering on 'Train to Mathematics' festival

On the 5th of June we took part in the festival “Train to Mathematics,” which was organized during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw. Read More...


Gotta Get Engineering in the first five educational iniciatives of S3KTOR competition

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of five nominees in the "Education" category in the S3KTOR competition for the best Warsaw NGO program of 2015! Read More...


Katalyst Engineering

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  • Karol Izdebski
  • School Network Coordinator
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  • Kamil Kociszewski
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